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These are examples of the types of promotions that we do.

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Weight Loss Promotion Examples

Ikaria Pre-Breakfast Ritual

Fizzy Purple Drink

Alpilean Metabolism Jump starter

Himalayian Ice Trick


General Health Promotion Examples

LivPure Liver Health

Liver Cleanse Supplement

Coming Soon Heart Health

Jump Rope


Lower Blood Sugar Promotion Examples

Coming Soon A1C reducer

Psuedo Ozempic/Jardiance

Coming Soon Ice cold drinks before breakfast

Supplement to increase metabolism and reduce blood sugar


Dental health Promotion Examples

Coming soon Tooth whiteners


Coming soon Gingivitus Cure



Pet Promotion Examples

Coming soon Cat's favorite toy

Balls of string

Coming soon Dog's Favorite Treat

Dog bones


Survival Promotion Examples

Coming Soon Ultimate bear spray

Liquified hot chili peppers

Coming Soon Fire Starter

Magnesium and Flint